From Beach Town to Arts Capital: Art Basel Miami Beach’s Impact on South Florida

Source: Miami Beach, FL (Chris Umpierre, MiamiRE) November 28, 2016

From its colorful Wynwood murals to its shining new art museums to its hip Design District, Miami exudes art. You can’t go anywhere in this town without seeing this staple of Miami life.

Miami’s arts metamorphosis — most of which occurred in the last 15 years — has helped attract the world’s wealthy, fuel a modern skyline and transform a beach town into a top global city.

One of the catalysts for this new Miami began in 2002 when Art Basel, the Switzerland-based art fair, made Miami Beach its American home. Art Basel Miami Beach — the biggest contemporary art fair in the United States and one of the largest in the world — showcases Miami every December in front of the world’s top collectors, gallerists, artists and industry professionals.

The 15th annual fair — which runs from Dec. 1-4 — is expected to field more than $3 billion in art, draw more than 77,000 visitors and attract more private jets (800) than the Super Bowl. Art Basel Miami Beach has shown the world Miami is an arts destination. Its popularity boosted local real estate as more international investors and homebuyers made Miami home. Art Basel’s popularity encouraged developers and local government to launch and fund new museums and cultural institutions.

Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach


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